Monday, October 12, 2009

halal food in vientiane

i was quite surprised with the numerous halal restaurants just in the vicinity of the City Inn Hotel Vientiane. Unfortunately, it's all halal Indian/Pakistani food. I'd get pretty bored pretty quickly, but if you don't mind Indian/Pakistani food the you're all set to go! I'll certainly explore more of Vientiane when i return next month. I'm sure i'll be able to find more halal food eateries!

a makeshift Indian and Pakistani Food shop just across from the National Lao Culture Hall
which is just around the corner from Le Fontaine

this halal Indian restaurant just around the corner from the one above
just across from the Cultural Hall too.

This is an upscale halal Indian restaurant- Rashmi's Indian bar and grill- which is just a road away from City Inn and Lao Plaza hotel. I overhead that the restaurant was opened by the Indian High Commissioner to Lao.

You'd be able to find this Indian halal restaurant just across from le fontaine (the road pependicular to the fountain, towards the river, away from the French restaurants)

I also found an ad in the paper for Halal food in Vientiane- even has Malaysian food!


  1. salam...i'm planning for a trip to laos..hv u been to luang prabang?if yes,is halal food easy to find there also?

  2. Hi ifrat,
    So sorry i haven't been to luang prabang yet. I was planning to go up end June, but I don't think it's going to pan out well. I do think though, that there will be quite a few halal options there. Laos has quite a big Indian Muslim community and i'm not surprised if they take advantage of the tourism opportunities in Luang Prabang to set up shop!

    Hope you'd be able to share a bit about Luang Prabang when you go there!

  3. tqvm. i sure will, and again thanks for your reply.

  4. Hi Eveeleva,

    I hope you are well. My name is Fairuz from Malaysia. May I know where are you from? Im sorry since I dont follow your blog from beginning.

    For your information, I will attend a workshop at Vientiane, Lao for a week from 11 July this year. Im really excited to go there since this is my 1st time travel out from Malaysia. What I really worried at at the 1st of course to find Halal Food over there. Thank you very much for your information. It is very helpful.TQ

  5. Hi, Eveeleva.

    My name is E-One from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. By the way, may I know where are you from and are you a muslim? Im really sorry asking you that question since I did not follow your blog from the beginning.

    For your information, I will attend a workshop at Vientiane, Lao for a week from 11 July this year. Im really excited to go there since this is my 1st experience visiting other country. 1st of all, what I really worried about is of course what im going to eat if there is no Halal food served there. Thank god, thank you for your information about Halal food in Vientiane. It is very helpful.tQ

  6. trying to search for the halal logo for myanmar and laos but couldnt find them....any suggestion?

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