Pretty Eveel Adventures

Pretty Eveel Adventures: May 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

pretty colours

while i was driving the other day, i stopped at a traffic light, i turned to see my brand new bright fuschia coach wristlet sitting prettily in my brand new teal bag from anthropologie.

i don't usually spoil myself so, but my brother had just returned from a trip to florida and i couldn't help but ask him to get me these 2 pieces.

together, they are delightfully pretty don't you think? the colours almost sparkled in the sun, making me smile. pampered and happy with my new purchases.

the bag is also the signature colour of my favourite jewellery line- tiffany! how could you not love such colours that it became the inspiration for my wedding gift.

the tiffany box concealing my husband's wedding ring, surrounded by beautiful pink gerberas!

very very pretty. don't you think?


Monday, May 11, 2009

lovely apple pie

decided to start baking again. serious baking. not just cookies.

i used to bake all the time. apple pies, pecan tarts, chocolate cakes, the list was endless. i fell in love with baking at a young age of 14. in Food and Nutrition class. the day i rubbed butter into flour. i rubbed and rubbed. loving the feeling of the flour crumbling between my fingers and i rubbed too long. it got tooo tooo soft.

i baked with such viciousness as i fell in love. tempting my boyfriends with sweet treats. but as i outgrew one boyfriend after the other (or rather, we outgrew each other). i slowly stopped baking. as if baking was like falling in love, each time less exciting as the one before.

but now i've found the love of my life. and i feel happy. passionate. in love and ecstatic. and its awoken the baker in me.

I made apple pie, and served it ala mode for mother's day.

its my favourite recipe. pretty easy. tell me if you'd like the recipe. i can send it over! =)


Thursday, May 7, 2009

twin palms phuket

welcome to twin palms phuket. a slice of heaven on earth. a beautiful resort tucked within the beaches of Surin beach on the northern beaches of Phuket. the resort had a personal touch to it, a beautiful hand-written card from the GM welcoming us to Twin Palms Resort and congratulating us on our marriage and thanking us for choosing to celebrate at Twin Palms.

The room was luxurious, opening up to the pool, with a bathroom i could live in. Couple vanity sinks, a lovely long bath next to a glass wall concealing twin palms. it's spa was amazing and a must try. the only problem was mosquitoes. but it was certainly bearable.

i'm certainly returning to indulge again. soon. i hope.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

pretty aleenta

i miss the view from our ocean view loft at aleenta phang-nga where we spent the first 2 nights of our gorgeous honeymoon in phuket.

i'm only left with this view from our living room to remember how luxurious the trip was.

i was feeling so so spoilt. certainly a lifestyle i could get very very accustomed to. =)


siti's birthday

last thursday was siti's birthday. we surprised her with a secret gathering at ben&jerry's at dempsey! how lovely, except that, only i was seated at the table when she arrived. I-man had ducked into the loo and everybody else was late. but she was still very much surprised. it took her a full 2 minutes to realise that my being there for a late night ice-cream supper was no coincidence!

i love birthdays. and i did think really hard about what to get her for her pressie this year. i settled on something very practical, but luxurious at the same time.


didn't expect that huh? well, i always find that people never spoil themselves enough with luxurious bath-towels. the kind you find in posh 5* hotels. lush huge beachtowels that you use to rub yourself down after a long luxurious shower.

courtesy of:

i love sheridan towels, so i headed to Tangs to get her a sheridan egyption luxury beach towel in parchment colour.

i decided to go with a cheery flowery theme to match the lovely cream parchment colour, and used up all which was left of my favourite wrapping paper. time to get me some more of em.

i hope she takes some time off and enjoy her gift.

happy birthday siti!


pretty cool beginnings

i've always loved beautiful colours, flowers and ribbons. i've enjoyed sewing, photo-taking and had a long-time passion for baking. so this year, i've decided to focus my extra energy outside of work on pretty projects and lovely experiences that make me just a tad bit happier each time i look at the finished product.

so welcome.

cast all your eveel thoughts aside.

and enjoy all the pretty-ness.