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Pretty Eveel Adventures: February 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the road to long and hard!

the only thing that has been consistent about my gym workouts is that it happens occasionally in an on-off kinda pattern.

this must change.

hubby's started doing muay thai. and as i see him trim down, the urgency of trimming myself down suddenly becomes =P

and rightfully so, as i've been packing the pounds of late. stress, work, are all lame excuses in the world of the fit. and it's time for me to get my lard-butt of the couch and onto a treadmill.

now. i don't jog/run. i never have. mostly cos i'm flatfooted. running hurts my feet, my knees hurt from old rugby injuries, etc. so i've used the elliptical, etc. but never actually jog on a treadmill. although of course people say it's the best workout.

inspired by Biggest Loser Asia contestants, who all weigh close to 2times my weight, but are still able to jog on a treadmill, i told myself last Saturday- hey, if they can do it, why shouldn't i?

so last Sat, i climbed on the dreaded treadmill. fear in my heart. the collapsed arches of my flat feet quavering in fear, and my knees knocking, i started a really slow jog, taking it easy and walking a lot through the jog. It was ridiculous, how i could literally feel my butt and other lardy bits of my body, jiggle up and down as i ran!. yucks!

 I made 2.4km in 25 mins. It was a mental and physical victory for me.

Last night. I challenged myself. I managed to shave 4 min off my 2.4 km time, and i also managed to jog without stopping for 3km.

I'm beginning to develop a momentum, and i hope it'll keep me going!


Monday, February 22, 2010

i'm back with memories of shwedagon pagoda

i'm back.

from a long hiatus. explained only by the mountain of work that has been on my work plate. the mountain is much more manageable now. and i feel that i can finally breathe.

and return to dwelling on the lovely vivid memories of the time i spent in Yangon, Myanmar. the colours of the shwedagon pagoda still dancing in my mind. i'm dying to go back. this time to spend the days on the cool marble floors of the vast temple compound. getting lost in the rich gold colours. entranced by the scent of burning incense and the overwhelming feeling of the faith of visiting worshippers.

my favourite pics of shwedagon temple for your viewing pleasure:

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