Pretty Eveel Adventures

Pretty Eveel Adventures: August 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

happy birthday eveeleva

i turned a year older yesterday. this is the first time in my entire lifetime that it wasn't a big deal. ordinarily i would have planned month long festivities with different people. i've been thick-skinned enough to even remind people of my birthday and that we should celebrate.

i remember last year when i helped moderate a dialogue for mendaki club on my birthday. i actually told the organisers that as a thank you, they should sing me a birthday song. yes! i was so tak paiseh like that.

this year. it's been different. no cake. no birthday song. no celebrations. not in person at least. i asked for a quite birthday at home. just birthday cards- can't live without them. i haven't been feeling myself and this year want to concentrate on more important things that are going on in my life that i didn't feel like celebrating a birthday.

hubby did get me a fabulous gift. although he ended up gifting it to me a whole 2 weeks before my birthday cos i was just feeling so low then. he couldn't bear it but try to cheer me up. he said he'd give me the gift early and get something else for my birthday. i refused another gift. that one gift was enough to make me feel so cherished.

i also felt especially touched. i was ill the day my office had planned the Aug birthday celebrations. they called me and sung me happy birthday over the phone and asked me to pretend to cut my cake. they even emailed me a picture of the lovely pandan cake...

all in may have been quiet...but it was still an awesome birthday! =)


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

been awhile...

hi there. it's been a long while hasn't it. many exciting things have been happening. my firstborn nephew has come along and brought along with him many smiles and wonderful afternoons going goo goo gaa gaa over how cute he is, and how quickly he's been growing up.

i've also been under the weather and spending a lot more time at home and very little time at work. that hadn't been working out too well for me. some people revel in time alone at home. i just find myself in the dungeons of despair. friendless and depressed.

it's my second day at work and though i do miss the daily morning episodes of Bones on cable and my morning and afternoon naps, i'm finding myself happier and in better spirits in the company of my colleagues. it helps that they're all being very sweet and keeping the work load light for me, while i slowly mozy along into work mode.

i feel very very blessed.