Pretty Eveel Adventures

Pretty Eveel Adventures: March 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010


i've been silent.
trying to fly under the radar.
avoiding people, or rather person.
being absent here, i thought,
meant worth abandoning,
attempts to reach me.
unfortunate it was not the case.

i've also been trying to regain,
my lost footing,
something's knocked me off my course,
i'm not sure what, nor why,
desperately trying to find the centre,
my centre,
where i feel calm,
peaceful and unexposed,
instead, of at the very edge
and alone, very very alone.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

colombo sunset

we were happy that the first day's meetings ended fairly early. we took a leisurely walk to the beach looking for dinner, and i managed to get some awesome shots of the beautiful sunset.

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arrival in colombo...

the plane touched down in colombo at 11.50pm.

we were dead tired. and were in a fix when we realised our last piece of luggage- a box filled with all the gifts and reading material we had brought for our work trip had not appeared, even after all our check in luggage had arrived with no trouble.

a uniformed man came around and asked for 'Tang'. My colleague responded, and we were just irritated when the man said that our last piece of luggage was still stuck in Singapore.


i found that the man was confused when the baggage tags which were under my name, didn't match Tang's name. he kept asking us if it was our luggage.

he explained that our last piece of luggage would only be sent back on the next flight, which was in 2 days. irritated, we told him that we were leaving in 2 days, on the same flight which was to bring our luggage to Colombo. So we told him to stuff it, and leave the box in Singapore.

he went, 'oh'. and told us to hang on.

then he went inside, and came out with our box.

we guessed it.

first, SQ and changi airport don't usually screw up. you check in your luggage in Changi Airport, and if it is a direct flight, it's almost 100% guaranteed that your luggage will arrive with no trouble at all. and even if SQ is efficient, it's not that efficient, that it is able to inform the other airport that the luggage was left behind so quickly.

and how would the guy have known that our box belonged to 'TANG' and not me, when the luggage was tagged to my name. Simple- cos it had TANG's name written clearly on the box! If the box was still in Singapore, they would never have guessed that it was TANG's right?


well.... we were lucky. i dunno when they would have asked us for a 'facilitation fee', but i'm glad it never got to that.