Pretty Eveel Adventures

Pretty Eveel Adventures: July 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

eveeleva @ work once more

Yes. I am at work. Right now. And yes, I'm blogging. Yes yes...blogging at work. It's only going to take a minute. So stop it ok?

The reason my blog has been so quiet is cos i'm back at work. For the most part, i'm delighted and thrilled to be back at work. I do miss the boys but largely I'm absolutely excited to be in an environment that engages me intellectually.

It also means that since I started work last week, I'm still adjusting my day and getting used to spending most of my day away from home. This has left me little time to blog. Since we hotdesk at the new office, I try and choose tables which are AS EXPOSED as possible. So i'm less tempted to surf, engage in social networking or blog too long. I need to get as much work done during my 8.30-6pm hours, so that I can go home quickly to be with the boys.

This is very new to me. I'm miss social butterfly and enjoy doing many non-work activities during official work time, and then getting actual work done after work. Yes it's all very complicated. But that's me. Now things have changed, and it's about getting as much done as quickly as possible, so I can take care of other things. I've never needed to take care of other things really, I've just always had the luxury of workign 24hrs round the clock.

So there.

I'll be back soon enough I'm sure. I have tons of blogging ideas in my head, which I haven't had time to write about. But the time will come...

For now...I need to get  settled down in a new routine...

Ta ta for now...