Pretty Eveel Adventures

Pretty Eveel Adventures: April 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

on emirates for istanbul

i wish the days of flying cattle class are way behind me, especially now that i've tasted the comforts of flying via business class. but the fact is that these client sponsored flights are going to be a rare occurence for me, and it's quite likely this will be the last business class trip i'm going to be on.


in fact, today i accidentally stepped into the economy class area of the plane, and i went *gasp* at the terrible squeeze it looked like compared to the more spacious business class seat i was enjoying.

well it's not that bad, i did survive in such cramped conditions on a 12h trip to Frankfurt before. Sure, the sleeping pills i took helped me while away time on the 12h trip, but that's not my point- my point is that it is absolutely possible to fly in such cramped conditions for long periods of time. And i did have a fabulous time in Frankfurt too.

But still, i think it is high time for me to find another job or vocation that will remunerate me better, so that i can myself afford to fly business or even first class (well, why not?) for my own personal trips, not only my work related trips.

oh yes. i have a new mission and goal in life. and who cares if it does sound quite shallow and self-centred.  i'm going to start working hard to attain it immediately.

well, maybe not immediately...maybe tomorrow. afterall i've been travelling more than 12 hours today and i'm exhausted.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

in pain

i thought that if i drew out the excruciating pain in my shoulder on a piece of paper, that i could draw away the pain from my shoulder for real.

it didn't work as well as a visit to a massage therapist.

but ah well. it was worth a theraputic try.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the view


absolutely nothing compares to the splendid feeling of going for an early morning swim alone in an infinity pool with what must be the most beautiful view of our gorgeous city!


a whole year

it has been a whole whole year since we got hitched last year on 18 April 2009.

i can't believe how quickly time has flown by. it seriously doesn't feel like its been a year.

what's the year been like?

good. i must honestly say. very good.

i think living together takes some getting used to.

it's also taken some time to get used to the idea that all the cute guys i meet, i can't do squat with. *grinz*

and that all the flirting i do subconciously can't lead to anything substantial...rather...can't lead to anything AT ALL!

but it also means that there's always someone here for me.

granted we fight. well- just had one major squabble- over the year. that's not too bad by any standard i think. it's definitely a good start.

anyhow, since we felt we did so well for the year, we rewarded ourselves with a weekend at the fullerton.

even had a nice in-room dinner, with a pretty view of Marina Bay, the IR, the flyer and the esplanade.

i think that should be our approach from now on. if we behave ourselves and do well, we then get to reward ourselves with something special at the end of the year.



Saturday, April 17, 2010

my bunny

came home to find a special surprise on my bed.

mum had found my lil bunny, that she made for me yonks ago, when i was still a cutie lil pie.
it's ears were half off, and mum stitched it back up just for me.

i think we've thrown out all my old toys, so i'm so pleased that we still have lil bunny. i can't remember what i called it when i was younger, but i do remember it, and some other special toys, like a huge doll with long lovely hair made out of yarn, who i called Nona- which my mother made for me.

my mother once told me along time ago, that she made me these dolls because she couldn't afford to buy me the toys that she saw in the shops.

so it's especially important for me to hang on to lil'bunny- a reminder of our humble beginnings and a reminder of just how much my parents have done for me!



Wednesday, April 7, 2010

room 1390

i was at furama hotel for a work thing today.
since Hunny's office is just across the road, i thought - cool, maybe we could meet up for lunch.
it has been a long while since we last caught up with each other.
specially since he missed the last gathering with the uni classmates.

so i texted him:

eveeleva: yo, u @werk? i'm at furama hotel all day today. wanna lunch?
hunny: sure.
eveeleva: i'll be done about 12.30pm. should i come by?
hunny: come to rm1390

hubby: just come to the front of the building lah.

later when we met, outside MOM building, he said, ' Why you never respond about Room 1390? '.

i answered innocently, 'i dunno what you were talking bout lor. i not familiar with your office building what. plus i was in the midst of doing something else, and didn't have time to reply'.

i then asked, 'so what's so special about Room 1390?'

he pointed up to the furama hotel rooms we were walking past and saying, 'oits, Room 1390 lah? You goondoo or what'

we both broke out laughing. i was super-goondoo lor.
laughed and laughed i did, after cheekily swatting him on the arm.
that's Hunny for you.
all we did in UNI was engage in harmless dirty and suggestive talk...
then again, i did engage in such conversations with more than just Hunny.
There was YJ, MarKuzz...and god knows who else.


Needless to say, i had a laughter-filled lunch.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

sweet and savoury

since reconnecting with some of the ol' gal friends late last year, i seized the opportunity to have them over for dinner over the long weekend. all part of the plan of being more connected to friends i have tended to neglect over the years.

i fought the lazy bug and decided to cook. and also to make dessert.

the menu? salad with feta cheese, followed by do-it-ourselves-pizza and a low-fat, low calorie strawberry tart for dessert.

the pizza dough was made from scratch, and when the gals (and some hubbies) arrived, we folded up our sleeves and got our hands dirty, and assembled our own pizzas. hubby was happy to dump loads of blue cheese on his pizza, and my lil sis was happy to load her slices with lots of turkey ham.

the tart turned out pretty good. the recipe came from a cookbook i borrowed, and the light recipe only asked for a base of digestive biscuits, light cream cheese sweetened with only a few tablespoons of honey, topped with gorgeously sweet korean strawberries with blueberries. too.

loved it. i am definitely going to make it again!


grey jakarta

was in jakarta for a day-trip last week. all business of course. it was a fruitful trip, but i did really miss the opportunity to hang out with some of the friends in jakarta.

i couldn't help but tell imp about my last trip and how our car stopped next to a man plucking his grey hairs from his moustache.

what you can't see, is how he's lined up all his plucked grey hairs on the window sill.