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Pretty Eveel Adventures: January 2010

Sunday, January 31, 2010

all dark at 6.30pm

checked into the hotel to find that....weee! there's decent wifi! and double weeee! hotel had KBS world. i was so dreading missing the episode of 'Three Brothers' tonight. I called Leen and asked if we could meet in an hour instead of half so that i could finish watching the episode.

we stepped out at 6.30pm, and it was all dark already. how quick?

took a walk to check out the neighbourhood, and found a supermarket just around the corner, and a great looking Tokyo Chicken Restaurant that i sure hope to try soon. It just looks i'd regret not trying i'm sure! but for tonight we settled for some ang-moh joint, so ang- moh in fact, that the waiter didn't quite know what to do when we asked for a table!?

I had a bowl of noodle soup which was decent. but was more intrigued by the table-mats more than anything!



 i'm looking forward to exploring more of this city! 
i'm excited about work tomorrow- i went through my notes carefully, and i'm going to do a bit more background reading, just to make sure that all goes smoothly tom!


it's official...

i was stunned to find 2 distinct white chalk crosses on my suitcase as my bag tumbled out of the carousel at the Airport.

as far as i could see, only my bag had these crosses.

i groaned to Leen saying, i hope that's not a mark to ensure that my bag gets checked at customs. maybe they saw something in the scans and were interested to find out what i had hidden in my bag? i was carrying a ridiculous amount of goodies for the training programme we're conducting here.

sure enough. i was stopped. the officer asked me to open my bag. i passed him my passport, and just as i was lifting my suitcase up. he told me it was no longer necessary.

Lynn whispered later, 'They changed their mind when they saw that you were holding an official passport. Prob didn't want any trouble'.


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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

wrong side

have you ever felt like you're just going on the wrong side of the road?

i've found myself, now that i'm driving to work, stuck on a road jam-packed with vehicles, all going in the same direction. and we're all inching our way forward. jostling with each other trying to cut lanes, to get out of the slower lanes into the faster ones. but really, noone's really moving anywhere.

and i look across the road, and see that the road leading in the opposite direction that i'm heading, is empty, free-flowing and smooth.

all i want is to break away from the herd and to go in the opposite direction. but where would it take me to?

have you ever felt like you're just going on the wrong side of the road?


my shoes my shoes...

nothing better to perk my day up, than compliments for my shoes. wore it last night, and 2 peeps complimented them. have i mentioned i luv luv luv luv luv them!


Monday, January 25, 2010

quite weekends...

it's 2.32pm in this busy office...i can't believe it isn't even February yet...i don't understand why this year has started on such a horrid work note...i've got a ton of work to do but i'm just spacing out for a bit to just jot down some thoughts...

to keep me centred...i've been spending quite weekends at home. doing housework, workwork and just watching lots of tv and catching up on the news. i must be honest that i've been spending a lot of weekends at home watching 2 korean dramas that i just got a tad bit addicted to.

it's all my mother-in-law's fault lah! she's a huge korean drama fan, and everytime i go over to their place, the have one of either 2 things on tv....motorbike gp...yucks...and korean dramas. so since we go over on weekends, i started watching 2 dramas - 3 brothers and terms of endearment. while 3 brothers is quite fun and i think quite interesting, terms of endearment is just a stupid show about a stupid girl who can't decide what she wants in life....

brief summary (be warned of the numerous romantic and non-romantic entanglements):
girl, born out of an affair between a man and a woman, is brought home to live with biological father. step-mom takes out her anger with her cheating husband on girl. girl grows up to be unbelievably sweet and naive, and also (one later discovers) ridiculously stupid. girl hates step-mom, thinks she falls in love, goes and live with a man who promises to marry her, which in korea is just social-suicide for a young unmarried girl. she ends up pregnant, and the man in jail. she miscarries and starts her life again. falls in love with another boy. for another set of dramatic reasons stands her up. she ends up being courted by this rich, educated, handsome man. she hides her past and marries him. her happiness is threatened for awhile by a bitchy sis-in-law who threatens to reveal her secret but generally all is well until her hubby finds out the truth. he makes her life hell for awhile, and then forgives her. then her in-laws, who weren't treating her really well in the first place, finds out and then all hell breaks loose. they chase her out of the house when her hubby is away. hubby comes back and begs her to come back and she refuses, cos she doesn't want him to sabotage his relationship with his family. oh did i mention she gets pregnant? she tries to commit suicide, and then he tries to commit suicide, and she begs him not to. then he doesn't commit suicide but she doesn't want to be with him. then he gets into an accident and ends up in a coma. she could have left him then, but no she had to nurse him back to health, despite his family chasing her away. then just as he wakes up from his coma, she runs away. she pretends she has a miscarriage and demands a divorce. he divorces her and decides to fly away to the US. when she finds out he's leaving, she decides she can't be with him. runs to the airport but too late.

(btw this is only half the story, has the plot about the other sis too!)

last night was the last episode. i told hubby,' just you wait, when he comes to see her. he'll walk away, and just as he's about to get into the car or something, a kid will come running out shouting- Oma! and he'll know it's his kid!'

and just like i said- it happened. just like that.

so stupid. stupider still that i watched so many episodes. i dun understand this about me. just like twilight- i know the book and the story line sucks...but i'm still addicted and can't stop reading, or in this case- watching.


i'm glad my life makes more sense! now if only i can get out of this rut at work. =(


Friday, January 15, 2010

verdict is out- I'm way too old for the Mosh Pit!

Green Day Rocks!

the cure to a stressful day in the office is most certainly a rock concert- with green day no less. they were absolutely fabulous! the music system was great, and billy's singing was pitch perfect that it felt as if i was listening to a cd recording of his singing!

we started out at the back of the crowd, coming in late, even on my tippy toes i wouldn't haven't been able to see much. Horrors to the horrors when, at one point, we found ourselves stuck behind a giant. But i knew what i was there for, so we shoved and danced right to the front of the crowd until i could almost touch them! It was awesome! Although i started panting like i'd run a marathon after some time!

e giant

Best of all, the concert was so interactive and fun. first a young boy was brought up on stage to sing with billy. this cute chubby lil chinese boy was then urged, by billy, to jump into the crowd and body surf. it was so cute that this...10 year old boy?...looked at billy in amazement almost saying, 'you want me to jump? are you crazy'. and he did jump that boy! must have been the night of his life.

green day brought  a couple more people up on stage, but one mat with green hair must have felt fabulous when billy let him sing the song from start to finish- i can't now remember which song it was, but this mat was just fabulous. he had good time on stage, and looked like he was born to be on stage. =) he did us all proud.

they played from 9-11.30am with 3 encores, the energy was fabulous! playing songs from their latest album 21st century breakdown, and thier best hits of the earlier albums. I went crazy with basket case and their earlier hits that made me fall hard for their music in the first place!

they finished with their 3rd encore of 'Wake me up when September Ends' and 'Time of our Life'! It was utterly fabulous! 21 years they've been playing, and the first time in Singapore- the pent up energy of the crowd that has been waiting so long for them to come just made the night absolutely perfect!

i was still humming them songs all night long. and even w 3 hours of sleep under my belt right now- i'm still all buzzed up with the excitement of last night's awesome gig.

only problem now is the sore legs, and the sore back from being bashed from behind in the mosh pit- i'm definitely toooooooooooo old for this! =)


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

where have you been eveeleva?

someone asked come you've not been updating your blog...

very simple...too much work. since december, and i really haven't had the energy to blog...

which is bad...

let's see...things should get better after this week is over, especially when i finish this large amount of work i'm currently working on....

or it'll get worse...




Saturday, January 2, 2010

the moon

the moon was out tonight, low in the horizon, round, dark orange yellow, just like an egg yolk. 

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010

i had a pretty fantastic New Year's Eve. Bro and sis-in-law came to hang out for lunch at home, and it was nice to be able to catch up, watch tv and enjoy mom's fried banana fritters with brown sugar and cheddar cheese! *yumZ*

hubby and i then headed out to celebrate his grandmother's birthday. i had a rolicking good time at the table with most of his young boy cuzzins. fussing and teasing them endlessly all night.

we then headed to home club at clarke quay. this was where we spent our first new year's eve together. it was poignant that we were spending our first ny eve as hubby and wifey there too. this time we hung out outside to catch the fireworks before heading into the club to celebrate 2010.

it wasn't the usual indie music at homeclub last night. it was pop night! strange, but it was fun. everything mtv. there was early 90 pop music, R&B, rap and some indie music. i do prefer this crowd rather than the pump room crowd. granted the crowd is like 10 years younger than me, but they're really cool, not as pretentious as the yuppie SPG types at Pump room. and hey, i felt 18 all night long hanging out there. heee...

oh the one funny thing was this thing with plaid. Everyone was wearing checkered...chequered?...shirts. even the boys in our party were all in checks/cheques???? plaid lah....