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Pretty Eveel Adventures: October 2010

Sunday, October 31, 2010

my twin pregnancy journal- introducing Upin and Ipin

21 weeks

I used to joke with close family and friends before I was preggo, that if I had twin boys, I would name them Upinuddin and Ipinuddin after the famous local malay cartoon characters Upin and Ipin. The 'uddin' addition was because the hubby and my father's name both end with 'uddin'. So i thought it was cute.

image from Les' Copaque production

When we found out we were preggo with twins, my brother yelped in delight, referring to the twins as Upin and Ipin, even though we didn't know their gender yet.

Well. 21 weeks later. It's confirmed. We're expecting twin boys! And No, we won't name them Upinuddin and Ipinuddin, although I think the name choice is really cute. Their daddy has enforced his right to veto.

But i'll refer to them as Upin and Ipin for now. =) May make nice nicknames for them- though i hope they won't get beaten up in school because of them. LOL.

Anyways...Upin and Ipin are making their presence known now. I feel them 'plooping' and wriggling away in my tummy now. It's quite a delightful feeling, just very distracting some times, especially when i'm presenting something at work!



my twin pregnancy journal- stripes!

21 weeks

I've always always loved stripes! Horizontal stripes! What's not to love about them? Except of course, if you have a broad waist or a paunch, it isn't the most forgiving pattern to wear. So all my life I've steered cleared of stripes, although i've always secretly wanted to wear them.  My not so slim waist and my humongous ass has forced me to steer clear of them.

Until NOW!

I always told myself that pregnancy would be the best time to wear horizontal stripes! =) So when i went online to purchase some maternity tops, I made sure I had some stripes in my cart. I went a bit mad and filled almost my entire cart with stripes..but some sanity kicked in right before i entered my credit card digits, to pare them down, to 2. Now i wish i had ordered more! =)

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

cheering up!

i've had a horrible horrible week,
been working late at home,
there's so many things outstanding i haven't settled,
and i'm just finding it difficult to cope,
i've even been working late at home,
and did i mention my back is killing me.

this morning,
i was rushing to work as i had a meeting with 2 overseas guests,
the only team member left in the office who could help,
called in sick,
so i had to go get the refreshments,
and set up all by myself,
plus the guests arrived a whole hour too early.

after the meeting, i rushed through documents for another meeting,
skipped my lunch,
and was feeling so goddamn awful after.

but i found a little package on my desk,
with this bright yellow post-it,
it said "cheer up".
and i did!
especially after gobbling up,
the most delicious strawberry tart,
that came with the little note!

Thanks Zentrek! And oh my doesn't tampopo deli have the most luscious strawberry tarts!

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my twin pregnancy journal- preggy fashion?

now that the first trimester blues are over...and i'm enjoying a little more energy and in better spirits...i've started enjoying dressing up for work...and enjoying the fact that i don't have to worry about a paunch...i have a baby belly and i'm proud to show it off.

now, i had a number of maternity pants handed down to me...and they've been great! but i didn't have enough tops though and i'm growing at such an alarming rate that all the big tops i had that i thought would last my pregnancy was just not going to be able to keep up with this huge belly. so i went online and did some shopping.

now preggy clothes are really expensive here in Singapore, but they're very very affordable online. Especially with the weak US dollar.

So, this is me today, all in Green. =)

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

my twin pregnancy journal-luv from downunder!

surprised that my care package arrived so much earlier than I had expected!

Oils that will chase away the preggo stretch marks (me hopes) and more paw-paw ointment!

I can't get enough of the stuff!

Yaaay! Thanks babe....I lurve the stuff already!

Hmmm another girlfriend is coming for a visit from down-under in Dec...

wonder what i should get her to lug from OZ land for me...

ooooh baby stuff from Jurlique???.....

that's a great idea!

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my twin pregnancy journal- it dun fit no more!!!

spent last weekend going through my entire wardrobe and packing away the stuff that well...dun fit no more! it'll be some time, say 8 months to a year before i'd be able to lose all this weight and get back into my clothes, so i thought i'd pack them away.

it's a great feeling- decluttering....i feel like i've found simplicity in my life...there's more space for stuff...i get less frustrated finding things to wear in the mornings and i just want to clean and clean and clean some more. Son calls it the 'nesting' syndrome...whatever it is...i'm just feeling good that i'm getting things organised.

And oh my, i didn't realise i had accumulated so much rubbish over the last 1.5 years since I last did a major clean up. I'm sure that most of my clothes may not fit anymore even after this whole phase of my life is over. But i'll wait till then before throwing stuff away. Who knows? I may be lucky and lose a whole lot of weight and be smaller than my pre-preggie self right?

Well, a gal can hope! =)


Friday, October 1, 2010

my twin pregnancy journal- morning sickness

my morning sickness is not too bad now...
but ocassionally i still have 'attacks'...
yesterday, the 'attack' was out of the ordinary...
as usual, i felt green and quesy in the morning...
i ate some bread to calm the nausea while waiting for hubby to get ready...
then i headed for brekkie...
had a bowl of mee siam which usuallly fixes the nausea...
but as hubby was driving himself to work..
i had to pull out my SQ airsickness bag...tand puke into it...
puked in little bits all the way from marymount road to novena mrt area...
usually, i'd be ok by then..
so i took over the car, and bade hubby farewell...
but five minutes later...i needed to puke...
i had missed the turn to newton hawker centre carpark...
so i drove to MEWR building and parked myself behind...
at the public carpark..and took out my second airsickness bag...
and proceeded to HURL...some more...
other drivers waiting in the carpark...
just stared...
they just stared.....